Friday, August 4, 2017

Map Your Mystery Blog :-)

So, I found this cool blog called "Map Your Mystery" that organizes cozy mysteries geographically and I thought "What a fun idea!"

I contacted Christine (because it's her blog, lol) and she graciously agreed to read and review my Jamie Quinn box set. I'm happy to report that she liked it and wrote a lovely review:

I highly recommend her blog. Here's the description:

About the Blog

The setting of a mystery book may not be as important as the clues surrounding the mystery, but in cozy mysteries, it adds to the flavor. Speaking of flavor, there are many, many cozy mysteries with all types of businesses as the central focus - bake shop, knitters shops, libraries, charmed bakeries and so much more. The businesses as well as their location make for a fun read.

My plan with this blog is to take you on a tour of the United States (at first) and plot out where your favorite mysteries are set. Maybe you will find a mystery you have not read or a business you might want to own yourself.

If you have a favorite book or a location you would like to recommend, please email me at If the book is one of a series, make sure you send the title of the first in the series. I'm like that - need to read from the beginning of the series. 

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