Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Review of "Humans of New York: Stories"

A picture is worth a thousand words--but what if you could have both the picture and the story? "Humans of New York: Stories" is a balm for the soul, the antidote to the poison that afflicts our society in these troubled days. Each photo is a glimpse into the human spirit, into each of us, our hopes and fears, our dreams, our inspiration. I heard about this book from a friend who said he reads a story at random each night before he goes to sleep. The stories help ground him after each grueling day of terrible news and inhumanity. 

Not only are the photos beautiful and artistic, each captures a moment in time: a life poised to begin, a love lost, a love found, a dream fulfilled, or not. You'll laugh and cry and shake your head in wonder at these stories. You've met these people, you've seen them, you are them.

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