Thursday, October 29, 2020

Free Promo 10/29-11/2! New Halloween Flash Fiction :-D

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, I just released a new book: Scary Shorts: Halloween Flash Fiction. It's free from 10/29-11/2. 

Description: Halloween Flash Fiction, what could be more fun? Capture a mood, a phobia, a scary experience, using exactly 100 words. Stories like A Drive in the Country, Halloween Stew, Skeleton Crew, Something About Her Shadow, and Candy Corn will give you the creeps, keep you up at night as you stare at the ceiling. Other stories like Careful What You Wish For and Paying the Piper will make you think twice about your bad decisions.

Here's the link:



"Yuck!" Sarah spit out her Halloween candy. 

"I don't like candy corn either. Just toss it, honey."

"Can I make stuff with it, Mom?" she asked.


She made art, jewelry, and a game.

"Can we plant it?" she asked.

"It's not real corn," I said.

"We can pretend."

So we did. A week later, Sarah said "It's growing, Mom!"

The rains had washed away the dirt, exposing the tips. I said "They look like fingernails!"

When I turned around Sarah was gone and a hand was pulling me under. It's impossible to scream with a mouth full of dirt…


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