Monday, February 6, 2017

More Misophonia --Why Certain Sounds Drive You Nuts!

My recent blog-post, "A Smidge of Crazy", about the strange disorder known as Misophonia, struck a nerve with a lot of people. Readers shared the everyday sounds that made them crazy and so I shared some of mine, which are truly bizarre and might change your opinion of me. The sound of my dog licking her paw or the floor (or anything else) drives me absolutely bonkers, as does the sound of a fork scraping a plate. But the worst one is a song by Ten CC called, "I'm Not in Love". I can't explain it, but when the singer whispers Big Boys Don't Cry, it is pure torture and makes me want to jump out of a moving car.

Now you know that you're not so weird after all. You're welcome!

And here's the explanation you've been looking for: 
Misophonia: Scientists crack why eating sounds can make people angry