Sunday, February 19, 2017

Writing and Narrating Humor--How to Leave Them Laughing :-)

Here's another guest post for Mystery Thriller Week at the wonderful--dare I say miraculous--blog: "The Miracle of Books". (Thanks, Sophia!) 

This post is an interview in which my audiobook narrator, Carrie Lee Martz, and I talk about how to write and narrate humor. 

Funny story, Carrie narrated seven of my books before we ever met. Since she lives in Pittsburgh and I live in Fort Lauderdale, we never thought we would get the chance but we promised each other that one day we would get together and have a glass of wine. A couple of months ago, it finally happened! I am delighted to say that Carrie is just as fun in person as she was on the phone. In fact, we were so busy toasting each other, we might've had more than one glass of wine...

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