Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Final Fun Post for Mystery Thriller Week :-)

Mystery Thriller Week, a/k/a MTW, has been a blast! I met new people, discovered new blogs, and found inspiration to read more, write more, and keep those creative juices flowing. 

For my final contribution to this great event, I had a really fun interview with Nthato at "A-Scribe to Describe", a blog with book reviews, recommendations, and writing tips. Check it out here: 


Monday, February 20, 2017

Enter to Win a Box Set of The Jamie Quinn Cozy Mystery Collection!:-)

One of the best things about Mystery Thriller Week is the chance to win free books! I am happy to say that Jamie Quinn is a participant in the fun. For your chance to win, go to the wonderful blog "Murder, Mayhem & More" and follow the instructions. While you're there, check out all of their great reviews of books and films. This blog is a must for thriller and mystery fans!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Writing and Narrating Humor--How to Leave Them Laughing :-)

Here's another guest post for Mystery Thriller Week at the wonderful--dare I say miraculous--blog: "The Miracle of Books". (Thanks, Sophia!) 

This post is an interview in which my audiobook narrator, Carrie Lee Martz, and I talk about how to write and narrate humor. 

Funny story, Carrie narrated seven of my books before we ever met. Since she lives in Pittsburgh and I live in Fort Lauderdale, we never thought we would get the chance but we promised each other that one day we would get together and have a glass of wine. A couple of months ago, it finally happened! I am delighted to say that Carrie is just as fun in person as she was on the phone. In fact, we were so busy toasting each other, we might've had more than one glass of wine...


Let's Get Cozy! :-)

Mystery Thriller Week continues and I have a new guest post on the wonderful blog. "Writing Pearls". Check out my post "Let's Get Cozy" right here: http://writingpearls.com/

Thanks, Jessica! :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Is Today My Birthday? :-)

Wow! Check out this amazing review/spotlight/interview and giveaway 
of me and my Jamie Quinn Collection in the wonderful Kings River Life Magazine. Today really must be my birthday! Thanks, Kathleen. xoxo


Thursday, February 16, 2017

A New Guest Post as Mystery Thriller Week continues. :-)

Mystery Thriller Week continues and I'm excited to have my guest post featured on the wonderful blog, "Novel Gossip". Many thanks, Amy, for the hospitality! Check it out here:


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Q & A in the U.K.! And a Giveaway for Mystery Thriller Week :-)

Check out the Q & A with yours truly on Jo's Book Blog and enter the giveaway for the "Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection: Box Set Books 1-3". If you're feeling literary, check out Jo's progress in the "Man Booker Prize Challenge". Go, Jo!


Cozy Up with Kathy during Mystery Thriller Week!

Mystery Thriller Week continues and it's so much fun! My latest guest post appeared in "Cozy Up with Kathy", a fantastic blog dedicated to the cozy mystery. My guest post is titled "Everyone is a Character". You can check it out here:


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mystery Thriller Week Begins! :-)

Mystery Thriller Week started today and I am happy to say my books are featured not once, but twice on opening day! 

In the wonderful "Keeper of Pages" blog, which features crime, mystery & thriller book reviews, I have a guest post AND a giveaway, check it out here:


The second wonderful blog of the day is "Quiet Fury Books" and features an interview with me. It was a lot of fun! Check it out here:


Thanks Janel and Darcia! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mystery Thriller Week! 2/12-2/22

I'm very excited to be a participating author in this year's Mystery Thriller Week, 2/12-2/22, a fun-filled event for every mystery lover with lots of book reviews, guest posts, interviews and giveaways.

Here is the calendar of events:

Join the ranks of the mystery and thriller readers that are becoming fans of the Mystery Thriller Week event as well as fans of over 200 amazing authors participating in Mystery Thriller Week. Get your full passport to fun by joining today. What do you get by joining?Meet some of these award-winning and best-selling writers. Ask them questions, get tips and see what they are up to now. Find your new favorite author.

You will receive access to all the events scheduled.  You will be invited to meet some of these award-winning and best-selling writers on various digital platforms. Ask them questions, get tips and see what they are up to now. Find your new favorite author.

You will also have free passes to giveaways, Facebook chats, free books, interview links and more. All these treats will be provided to super fans like yourself.  As a super fan, you will also be a step ahead when next year’s event is announced. Now is the time to save your spot for all the excitement.

Once the event goes live you will get updates on what’s happening each day. You will have the opportunity to enter contests and drawings for special prizes, enter author giveaways and drawings during the live event February 12 – 22, 2017. Join below to stay on top of all announcements, contests and major prize drawings. The MTW event’s team has worked to bring fun contests, enjoyable activities and plenty of entertainment. What are you waiting for? Sign up here:


Monday, February 6, 2017

More Misophonia --Why Certain Sounds Drive You Nuts!

My recent blog-post, "A Smidge of Crazy", about the strange disorder known as Misophonia, struck a nerve with a lot of people. Readers shared the everyday sounds that made them crazy and so I shared some of mine, which are truly bizarre and might change your opinion of me. The sound of my dog licking her paw or the floor (or anything else) drives me absolutely bonkers, as does the sound of a fork scraping a plate. But the worst one is a song by Ten CC called, "I'm Not in Love". I can't explain it, but when the singer whispers Big Boys Don't Cry, it is pure torture and makes me want to jump out of a moving car.

Now you know that you're not so weird after all. You're welcome!

And here's the explanation you've been looking for: 
Misophonia: Scientists crack why eating sounds can make people angry