Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review of "My Only Story" :-)

I must confess that I just finished reading "My Only Story" for the second time. Why does it strike a chord with me? Is it because it's about the complicated relationship sisters have? (I'm the oldest of four sisters) Is it because I love the narrator/protagonist Rita and wish I could meet her? (Yes) Is it because Monica Wood is the writer I strive to be--poetic, succinct, humorous, natural, and filled with heart? You bet! And also because she tells a great story. I'm glad it's not "her only story" :-)

Rita wants to help people, heal them, and she's good at it. Little does she know, she needs a healing makeover herself. She's in a rut: divorced, yearning for a child, and fighting a fight she can't win to save her town. When she thinks she's found happiness and purpose after dreaming of a crippled dog she needs to help, she learns she's only half-way there. Fixing other people isn't enough, you still have to fix yourself, and forgiveness goes a long way. Life is a glorious trip!
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