Thursday, June 10, 2021

A Year of Shorts: Flash Fiction is free 6/10-6/14. Grab yours today! :-D

Looking for a light, summer read? Well, look no further--A Year of Shorts: Flash Fiction delivers 140 stories of exactly 100 words each to start your summer right. 

Description: A Year of Flash Fiction, what a blast! The challenge: capture a mood, a memory, or an experience, using exactly 100 words. Whether it's Halloween, the Holiday Season, Valentine's Day or the Dog Days of Summer, stories like Ice Cream Hero, Lemonade Stand, and The Prank take you back to your childhood, while others like Fever Pitch, The Panty Liner Incident, and Lemonade Stand evoke summer heat and the search for relief. Other stories like What's the Buzz?, Lazy Lake, and Change of Season leave you with a smile.


Scary Shorts: Halloween Flash Fiction A fun, quick read but I'm not sure I'd want to sit around a campfire hearing ghost stories from Barbara and her friends! 

Holiday Shorts: Flash Fiction These little snippets will make you smile and bring you a little holiday happiness.

Valentine Shorts: Flash Fiction Such lovely homages to the many ways love can happen.

Dog Days of Summer Shorts: Flash Fiction The stories run the gamut – nostalgic, whimsy, sweet, touching, thoughtful and laugh out loud funny!

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