Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fun podcast! The Empowered Women of Bewitched. :-D

BEWITCHED Season 2.  Episodes 1 – 4. 

Samantha finds out she is pregnant. Darren starts to neglect Samantha. Darren’s old army buddy is a victim of a 300 year old curse. Mistaking the Tate’s son to be his grandson, Maurice whisks the boy off to a Warlock Convention.  Special Guest Stars include:  William Redfield

We are joined by Barbara Venkataraman, author of the Jamie Quinn series.  You can find her work at the following links: 

A Year of Shorts: Flash Fiction (Shorts Flash Fiction)

Jamie Quinn Mysteries Books 1-6 (Jamie Quinn Cozy Mystery)

Opening Credits; Introduction (.36.21); Bewitching Going On/Season 2:  Episode 1:  Alias Darrin Stephens (7.02);  Episode 2:  A Very Special Delivery (26.43); Episode 3:  We’re In For A Bad Spell (43.07); Episode 4:  My Grandson, The Warlock  (57.34); Witch or Mortal (1:23.21); The Bewitching Hour (1:35.56); The End Credits (1:44.56); Closing Credits (1:47.10)


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